The Final Squash

The last local winter squash ran out a little while ago but I ate my final squash today; it was the miso-fermented squash I put away in early March.

The inspiration for the recipe came from the book Preserving the Japanese Way – an amazing book (available at the Toronto Public Library) full of unusual fermentation recipes. I just left it a lot longer than the book called for. The sliced squash basically just sat in two types of miso, a little salt, and homemade Japanese 7-spice for 4 months, which soften, flavoured, and soured the squash over time in the fridge. It’s not pretty, but it’s tasty.


4 thoughts on “The Final Squash”

    1. What, you’re revoking your invitation for a guest blog entry? 🙂 I would be happy to provide those recipes only if I can do it as a guest blogger; I’ve never been asked to do that before ha ha!

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