I Finally Found a New Variety of Squash to Try! Ahem, I mean: Squash Wars: Melonette Jaspee Vendée

It’s winter squash season again finally. And I found a variety of squash at the farmers’ market that I’ve never seen or tried before:Melonette Jaspee Vendée. I bought it as soon as I saw it, and then ended up chatting with the squash woman for 20 minutes after that, but left feeling not hopeful that this would be a new favourite. She said they had had a difficult growing year, and that the best she could say about this variety is that it made it through the season. She was like “it won’t be your favourite, but it’s sweet” which was not promising to me at all. I like dense and meaty, and not necessarily sweet.

I was pleasantly surprised when I baked it though: it has a texture similar to spaghetti squash, though not as noodle-y, but with a bit of buttery-mapley flavour, and not too sweet. It’s distinct from other squash I’ve had, and even if I wouldn’t trade honeynut or kabocha up for it, it could make a nice change once in a while.


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